Jamie Rodriquez, Hospice Nurse
A must read for any caregiver, friend or famly of a caregiver. It's eye opening!
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The Highest of Care is a beautifully written story through the eyes of a daughter and caregiver. It is a story of faith that will provide hope and encouragement. The miracle that happens at the end of the book is the best part!
Joanne Clifford
Encouragement and hope is yours
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This book is so amazing!!! I could not put it down. I hope everyone who is going through this type of loss will benefit from the experience that Lisa has gone through to bring about hope, healing and transformation through trials.
Melinda Wilson, Founder, Face to Face Ministries
Experience God’s presence as you read this book!
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I highly recommend this book to anyone who has walked with or is walking with someone suffering from a critical illness. Journey with Lisa as she learns to lean more on God as she faces agonizing decisions and a bumpy relationship with her mom. Watch how Jesus heals this relationship as well as Lisa's heart. You will come into a deeper love and appreciation for the Good Shepherd as you read this story!
Cathy Larson, Pastoral Counselor. Vineyard Community Church
This book is a lifeline!
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The Highest of Care is a book every pastor and counselor should give to those struggling with the challenges of caring for a loved one with a terminal illness, or those who are sick themselves. Lisa's authentic and vulnerable writing style and her continual interaction with a loving, understanding God throughout, will restore hope and faith in the midst of the darkest times we face in life. As a pastoral counselor, and as one who walked a similar path with my own mother, this book provides a lifeline of hope and encouragement.
Misty Loreto
I could not put The Highest of Care down!
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I started reading this book with my daughter. She's 13, and tells everyone she doesn’t like reading. But one chapter into this book, and we were enthralled. We began with reading several chapters a night together. This book had so much meaning for me. I could relate to the story as I have an aging parent with dementia. I found myself praying as I read, and hearing the Lord say I will be with you just like I was with Lisa! I recommend this book not only to someone with an ailing parent but anyone whom is hurting and who has lost a loved one. You will come away with a deep peace and understanding of how good God is and how much he desires to save, heal and deliver you.
Kent Larson, Pastoral Care, Associate Pastor, Vineyard Community Church
In the crisis of “expectations shattered,” a fierce Lion roars his love and safety over the caregiver and the care-receiver.
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It was profound privilege to walk alongside our friend Lisa in her painful, yet beautiful journey of care for her mother through terminal illness, and a powerful, supernatural transition to heaven through death's door. Her book reveals the Father of Mercy and the God of all comfort (2 Corinthians 1:3-5). The Highest of Care authentically captures the reality and struggle of a caregiver’s journey, and welcomes all who will travel with her to be equipped for their own “call to care”. She invites us to never lose sight of Holy Spirit’s presence, and voice of Jesus' intimate friendship, and the Father’s love imparted directly from Him as well as through spiritual family.