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Lisa M. Roseman is a theologian and founder of an inner healing Christian ministry in Southern California. Over the last decade, she has helped hundreds of people encounter the healing presence and power of God. Obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Theology, she has combined her education with her passion for seeing lives transformed—both personally and for the people she counsels.

Lisa teaches and equips others in various settings, including her church, addiction recovery centers, small groups, and individual mentorships. She encourages people to walk deeper into their relationship with God as they discover their identity, worth, and purpose.

As a child, Lisa always knew she would someday author a book. Little did she know she would step into the story of a lifetime—a story with events that would forever change her understanding of God’s goodness and faithful promises in the midst of life’s most difficult circumstances. The events that happened in this story brought a new level of clarity to her faith and have profoundly impacted her ministry. Learn more about The Highest of Care by Lisa M. Roseman.

Lisa delights in spending time with her two beautiful grandchildren and is an avid searcher of treasures along the Southern California coast. She looks for the beauty in life and loves to cultivate joy, faith, and fun wherever she goes.

If you would like to connect with Lisa or learn more about her ministry, please visit: SozoFreedom.com