The Highest of Care

A Journey Through Cancer


The Highest of Care

A Journey Through Cancer

The Book

Do you have a loved one who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness? If so, your entire world may be shifting. Caring for one who is close to your heart requires unconditional love, strength, courage, and faith. If you desire to provide the highest level of care, add physical, emotional, and financial exhaustion to the list. Not far behind exhaustion are the greatest challenges of all—the spiritual ones. Amidst the reality of disease, pain and loss become overwhelming. One May question God’s purpose and fight feelings of anger and hopelessness in the face of these challenges. Is God present in such difficult circumstances?

The Author

Lisa M. Roseman

Lisa M. Roseman is a theologian and founder of an inner healing Christian ministry in Southern California. Over the last decade, she has helped hundreds of people encounter the healing presence and power of God. Obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Theology, she has combined her education with her passion for seeing lives transformed—both personally and for the people she counsels.

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Are you in a season of providing care for a loved one? Perhaps you have a parent, child, family member, or friend who is heavily relying on your strength? Perhaps you have lost a loved one or a dear friend and need comfort? Or, perhaps you know someone who is in this season?

God’s reassuring presence during this time is essential.

Welcome to The Highest of Care—A Place to Journey with God and Connect with Others in Their Season of Providing Care.

My name is Lisa Roseman, it’s so nice to meet you! I am honored to bring you the book, The Highest of Care: A Journey Through Cancer.

Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn and, all of a sudden, your entire world changes. How does a person navigate through these times? I want to help you remember that true, lasting joy and strength can be found in the storms and the valleys.

Initially, the book was going to be a stand-alone project telling my caregiving journey and revealing my miraculous life-after-death encounter with Jesus at the end of my mom’s life (to watch this encounter click on the video shown above). But recently, I have been working on this website, additional blog posts, and a journal that includes an inner healing model I have been practicing for over a decade to go along with the book as valuable resources to help you connect with God in a unique way.
I have created these assets for dads, moms, sons, and daughters—for those who are professional caregivers, chaplains, church leaders, church goers, non-church goers, and anyone in between. They are especially designed for the dear soul who is struggling with a daunting health issue.

I purposed them to help you know when to work and when to rest, when to push through and when to yield, when to hold on and when to hold back. Most importantly, this book and website are to gather a community of people who need each other, who can relate to one another, and who can foster spiritual practices to reveal the deeper workings of God in each situation. While every one of us will have a unique caregiving experience, there will be common threads that will hold us all together as we journey and care for one another—just as God cares for you and your loved one.

I am currently laying this website out to be so much more than printed words on a page. Those who are behind the scenes of this endeavor are committed to helping you connect with God in such a way that you will be forever impacted. Yes, in a grand way!

I encourage you to get the book today and sign up to receive an email every time I release a new blog post. I know firsthand how hard it is to stay socially connected and spiritually grounded in the midst of the caregiving journey. So, take advantage of these resources and remember—you are not alone.